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Here are some resources I've found useful:

A guide for linguists getting started in LaTeX by Anke Himmelreich:

Gretchen McCullouch's website FAQ, with links to various materials useful for instruction, communicating with non-linguists, and even a list of fiction books that are linguistically interesting:

Some of my favorite tools (none of these are sponsored, just things I like):

Obsidian, which I use for taking notes, connecting ideas, and tracking my progress across a variety of personal and professional goals (Personal Knowledge Management (PMK) and Second-Brain tool of choice) 

Readwise (and their Reader app), which I use for taking notes on PDFs and epubs; my highlights sync with Obsidian which makes them immediately searchable with the rest of my notes

StoryGraph, which I use for keeping track of books I've read and want to read

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