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Alicia L. Chatten Linguist
Writer | Data Scientist | Educator 

Hello! I'm Alicia. I'm a writer, researcher, data scientist, and educator. I just completed a Master of Arts in the Department of Linguistics at New York University, where I worked on computational models of stress systems, morphophonological structure, and acoustic correlates of phonological phenomena. 

I'm currently transitioning outside of academia, but more information about my previous and ongoing work in linguistics is available on my Research page. More information about my non-academic work is available on my LinkedIn. Details about my teaching philosophy are included on my Teaching page.


In my non-academic time, I'm a performer, writer, and audience member for various kinds of music and other performing arts. I also enjoy cooking and writing about food, and you can sometimes find me at an open mic.

My published food writing can be found here (if you're interested in coffee; pp. 10-12) and here (if you'd rather read about cheese; pp. 32-35). If you'd like access to my personal essays, shoot me an email.

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